Registration Opens February 15, 2021, 12:01 AM

Dates and Age Groups:

May 30-June 4 High School (rising 9th grade through just graduated 12th grade)


June 6-11 Junior 1 (7-12 year olds) 


June 13-18 Junior 2 (7-12 year olds)


June 20-25 Combo (7-14 year olds)


June 27-July 2 Teen (13-18 year olds)

Summer Camp program


BRING: Bible, appropriate clothes, bedding, towels, washcloths, toiletries, notebook, pencil, modest swimsuit, light jacket, and shoes you can play in.

DO NOT BRING: Computers, Cell phones, iPads, tablets, iPods, mp3 players, handheld gaming devices or other electronic devices, magazines, tobacco, alcoholic beverages, drugs, fireworks, or clothing with inappropriate advertising or language.


Please pack all medications in a gallon sized zip lock bag in order to turn them into the nurse at registration. Medications should be kept in their original packaging. All medications will be dispensed by the nurse.


Regular Registration - $235

Early Registration (by 3/1/2021) - $225

Family Discount $10 per child

Laser Tag add on $20

*Registrations with a paid deposit by 3/1/2021 will qualify for the early registration price. To qualify for family discounts, you must have two or more children attending camp (does not have to be the same week).*


Modesty is an important way that we honor God and show respect for ourselves and each other. Even good people may disagree on specific standards and practices, but we have chosen to model and encourage appropriate dress.

Campers are very active. Clothing that is too tight or loose is not conducive to our level of activity. So, we have adopted the following standards:


All parts of underwear must be covered (including bra straps, waistband of boxers, etc). Midriffs must be covered.


Oversized arm holes on T-shirts or tank tops, or large cutouts on shirts or pants are not allowed on boys or girls.


Short shorts are not allowed. The shortest part of shorts must be longer than the camper’s fingertips when he or she is standing with hands to the sides. Any clothing that requires constant adjustment (pulling down or up, tugging at seams or straps) should not be worn at camp.


We no longer require one-piece swimsuits for girls. However, campers may be asked to wear a t-shirt over their swimsuit even while swimming if the suit is too revealing. Instead of a swimsuit cover up, we wear our clothes over our swimsuit when moving to and from the pool. Clothing that is revealing when wet shouldn’t be brought to wear to and from the swimming area. We wear our swimsuits under our clothing during afternoon activities as many of our activities offer the opportunity to get wet.


Clothing with off-color or morally bankrupt advertising is not allowed.

PLEASE NOTE: This dress code should not pose a financial hardship for parents. Please do not send anything “NEW” to camp. Clothing (including shoes, socks, and towels) may be damaged, lost, or destroyed during camp. For most campers, clothing allowed at school will be appropriate. The director reserves the right to require any camper to change his or her outfit if considered inappropriate. The camp also reserves the right to discharge any uncooperative or non-compliant camper.


Your $55 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit will save your spot. The balance of your registration fee is due one week prior to your camper's week of camp. Additional options such as laser tag, and store credit for the canteen are payable online. Payment plans are available through our registration website.

We will not be accepting payments at Check in


Check In - Drop off- Pick Up

To mitigate disease spread, we will be facilitating a drive through check in on Sunday afternoon at 3 pm. If you plan to arrive after 3:30 pm on Sunday please notify our office here.

Please do not arrive early as you will have to wait in your car on Happy Hill Acres Rd.


After your camper is checked in, you may drive them and their belongings to their assigned housing. 

Camper pick up is held at the Hayes Conference Center on Friday mornings at 10:30 am. Campers will be dismissed to their pick-up person at the end of morning chapel time.


Dates and Age Groups:

May 30-June 4 High School (rising 9th graders through 2021 High School Graduate)


June 6-11 Junior 1 (7-12 year olds) 


June 13-18 Junior 2 (7-12 year olds)


June 20-25 Combo (7-14 year olds)


June 27-July 2 Teen (13-18 year olds)